Liquid Study no 3

for cello and realtime electronics, 2021

Credits: Jonathan Aasgaard - Cello

Lockstep Variations

for ensemble and electronics, 2018

Credits: The Riot Ensemble: Richard Craig - Flute; Ausias Garrigos Morant - Clarinet; George Barton - Percussion; Sarah Saviet - Violin; Louise McMonagle - Cello; Aaron Holloway-Nahum - Conductor

Liquid Study no 2

for piano and electronics, 2017

Credits: Ian Buckle

Am I A Particle or a Wave?

for 2 percussion and imaginary pianist, 2011

Credits: The LA Percussion Quartet: Justin DeHart and Nick Terry

open end

for vibraphone and real-time electronics, 2007

Credits: Brian Archinal, Percussion

open end choreographed

for vibraphone and real-time electronics, 2007

Credits: Diego Ventoso Fernandez - Vibraphone, Alba Felpete - choreography, Sabela Adalid and Esther Latorre - Dancers.


An immersive stereoscopic installation with realtime audio. A collaboration between Ruth West, Joachim Gossmann, Ben Hackbarth, Todd Margolis, Iman Mostafavi and others. 2007.

Credits: @ CalIT2 on the Varrier Wall 3D display system