A selection of pieces made using AudioGuide can be found below. If you've made music with Audioguide and would like to see your piece here, get in touch!

Yan Maresz - Six Synthèse, 2020

Yan Maresz - In memoriam Jean-Claude Risset, 2018

Pierre Alexandre Tremblay - (un)weave

Benjamin Hackbarth - Volleys of Light and Shadow

Olivier Pasquet - One thousand and one nights (sound design for theatre), 2019

Grégoire Lorieux - Deep Adaptation

Grégoire Lorieux · Deep Adaptation, ensemble & electronics

Maxime Mantovani - Existentia

Fred Szymanski - Sinking Air

Fred Szymanski · Sinking Air (stereo down-mix)

Davor Branimir Vincze - darkroom

davor-branimir-vincze · darkroom

Davor Branimir Vincze - Fanfare

davor-branimir-vincze · Fanfare

Davor Branimir Vincze - La Tentation

Grégoire Lorieux - L'entaille

Grégoire Lorieux · L'entaille - musique électroacoustique

Jeff Treviño - Clock Waters

jefftrevino · Clock Waters

Louis Goldford - Au-dessus du carrelage de givre

Au-dessus du carrelage de givre from Louis Goldford on Vimeo.