AudioGuide is a program for corpus-based concatenative sound synthesis developed by Ben Hackbarth, Norbert Schnell, Philippe Esling, and Diemo Schwarz. It is written in python, however, you do not need to know python to use AudioGuide - the user supplies simple options files that are written in python's syntax to interact with the program. The program outputs soundfile event lists that can be either synthesized (by default with csound or in Max MSP), edited in Logic/Pro Tools, or translated into musical notation with bach.roll in Max.

AudioGuide differs from other programs for concatenative synthesis in several notable ways:

What Can AudioGuide Do?

A quick overview of AudioGuide's capabilities can be found in the following examples video.

OK. How Do I Use It?

You can learn about how to use AudioGuide in the 5-part video tutorial below. There are also other videos on the tutorials page. Don't forget about the docs!